Japanese Cherry Blossoms

This Friday, we read the section of Hugo Cabret where the automaton dips its pen into ink and draws a startling image. This inspired me to do this art project with our class.

Our results were quite lovely. They brighten up our hallway!

If you’d like to do a similar project, here’s the rubric we used, aligned to Washington state standards.

Japanese Cherry Blossoms rubric


Videos from today’s Hugo Cabret

This morning, we watched videos featuring automatons. The first automaton is the inspiration that Brian Selznick used in his book.

Today, when we were reading The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Hugo and Isabelle went to the movies. They watched a newsreel, then The Clock Store, then The Million. Here are clips of the videos below:


Safety Last!

Tomorrow, we’re going to reach a part in Hugo Cabret that includes a reference to Harold Lloyd’s “Safety Last.” You can watch this silent movie, filmed in 1923, by clicking the link below.

We watched this today during our snack transition from reading to math. We are learning as a class how Ms. Houghton posts to our website so we can make our own posts too!