Hot Cheetos


Chances are, if you’re at this page, you’re one of the thousand or so people who have searched for “hot cheetos,” “flaming hot cheetos,” “spicy hot cheetos,” or even “hot chitos” and landed on my classroom website. Welcome!

If you want to see why I showed up in your search results, you might want to read this post.

I don’t know why Hot Cheetos drive so much of my site traffic. I’ve had some of the best SEO folks in the business evaluate my site, and it perplexes them too. It seems the general consensus is that we all enjoy Hot Cheetos to some degree, but not in our classrooms.

If you’re interested on a legitimate media perspective on hot cheetos, check out this article from NPR.

Of course, while you’re here, you might also enjoy some of my lesson plans, book talks, songs, or music videos! I love learning with other educators, and I just ask that you leave a comment if you’ve found anything useful. Thanks for visiting!


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