Japanese Cherry Blossoms

This Friday, we read the section of Hugo Cabret where the automaton dips its pen into ink and draws a startling image. This inspired me to do this art project with our class.

Our results were quite lovely. They brighten up our hallway!

If you’d like to do a similar project, here’s the rubric we used, aligned to Washington state standards.

Japanese Cherry Blossoms rubric



3 thoughts on “Japanese Cherry Blossoms

  1. What a delightful person you are Ms Houghton! We just met at UBS, in the Kid’s department where you talked about the upcoming book Me Jane, that will be coming out in April (yes, indeed, they do keep us eager readers waiting!)

    Love the cherry blossoms! Love art!

    I look forward to following your class blog … and hope that you guys follow ours!

    Bookseller and Lover of Books
    University Book Store

    ps Did you take some of the blank bookmarks for the upcoming bookmark competition? hope so!!! Remember “Reading Rocks!!”

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