Family Visits

Hi there!

I started family visits today, which is honestly my best way to end the summer and kick off my school year. Some of you may be visiting this site because I mentioned it in my letter to families, and I wanted to let you know that I’m planning on doing some major updates this week, so make sure you come back!

I’ll be at Wildwood all this week, so if you want to visit (this applies to any former students reading this as well), I’d love to see you.



Link of the Week

School districts don’t like drama. YouTube can cause a fair amount of drama, but it seems a shame to not incorporate the valuable aspects of technology into our classrooms.

Enter TeacherTube. The content is approved, and in addition to videos, we can also upload narrated PowerPoint presentations and other goodies.

I haven’t uploaded a copy of us singing the Gallon Man song, but until I do, you can always view this. (A note to the TeacherTube people — it would be really great if we could embed video in our blogs!)